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Ultimately, its what clients say about a lawyers efforts and outcomes that speak to his effectiveness. As a New York business attorney and litigator with 35 years of successful experience to his credit, Rubin Ferziger has accumulated many fans within his broad-based clientele. Of course, prior results will not guarantee a similar outcome in your matter, because every situation or case has unique elements that need to be individually evaluated. That being said, here's what satisfied clients have to say about the Ferziger law firm

My prior attorneys were unsuccessful for many years in thwarting the imaginary claims that were concocted by my brothers. After 10 years of litigation, I knew that I could not continue with my prior attorneys. I had little expectation that you would be any better than the conglomeration of attorneys I had retained in the past. My wife and my accountant believed that you could possibly change the tide.

My wife and my accountant were right. You are diligent, hard working, honest and straightforward. You told me good things about my case and the bad things about my case. You pulled no punches. You doggedly pursued my position. A panel of three arbitrators agreed with my position. You were instrumental in resolving a War of the Roses case with my brothers.

Michael Stahl

When you started representing Michael, in a dispute between Michael and his brothers, I was more than concerned. I was unsure if you would be any better than the other attorneys Michael previously engaged. The outcome of the dispute would have a significant and direct financial impact upon me. I was Michael's partner.

Had it not been for you, Michael would have lost millions. My family would have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. You were very thorough in your approach to every detail. You were attentive, responsive and professional. You put a team together and presented a defense based upon the real facts, not the imagined facts of the other side.

You analyzed the transactions between the four partnerships. You presented to the arbitrators complicated financial transactions in an understandable manner. You were extremely knowledgeable on the law of partnerships, real estate practices and procedures, real estate accounting procedures, and in arbitration proceedings.

The case was extremely well prepared. Most of all you reversed the string of multiple losses sustained by Michael. In my opinion, you turned the tide and provided the springboard for a global settlement of the several suits facing Michael and I. The dispute between Michael and his brothers was like the movie The War of the Roses" and was resolved because of you. You were the force that brought an end to more than a decade of litigation pending in multiple courts. I certainly want you on my team.

Steven Greene, CPA

What I like about you is you are thorough, and you respond promptly. What you don't know, you will tell me you don't know. Whenever you don't know, you search out the answer. You get things done accurately and quickly. Your advice is always sound. You always call me back. When I have a legal problem, I want you. You always do the right thing! You close my deals.

Ben Feldman (A client of 35 years.)

Our mortgage company was seeking counsel with specific expertise in banking law who practiced in New York City. We found Rubin Ferziger on the Internet. Although his website did not indicate this specific area of law, Rubin's website indicates strong real estate, business and negotiation background.

I am pleased to say that I made the right decision. Not only did Rubin resolve the issue to our satisfaction, he was able to save a market which we were at risk of losing. Thereafter, other regulatory and business problems arose. I turned to Rubin for advice and guidance. Rubin continues to represent us before New York state regulators as well as matters relating to individual mortgage and corporate transactions.

I have found his counsel and advice to be of the highest quality. Not only does he translate to us a clear and complete understanding of the law involved, but he also understands the business owners perspective and constraints. Mr. Ferziger represents our legal interests in a multi-state jurisdiction with great ease. I have found his personal style to be easy to consult with and his advice to be straightforward and quickly to the point. My corporation has profited greatly because of his talent and legal knowledge.

Steve Weeks, President, The Loan Consultants, Los Angeles

Your work for Tom and mein 1991is what is allowing me to protect my child, her husband and their children financially. I am deeply grateful to you.

Your skill and your expertise has helped protect, and protected now five people, and whatever children are to come.

Thank you for your generosity and spirit and legal expertise.


Thank you for talking to my NYU class on "Starting Your Own Small Business" about the legal aspects of startup.

They were spellbound for more than two hours and I know that you could tell by the quality of the questions that they were hanging on your every word.

Sandy Schussel, Esq.

I'm sure that I'm not the first in saying that your professionalism and personal values are what my mother and I, as your clients, most appreciate.


I am deeply touched by the thoughtfulness and careful direction you gave me for the FEGS presentation. Although, at this point, we do not have a collaboration with them, your keen guidance resulted in a very important asset and resource for Periwinkle -- A Presentation Book.

Rubin, I treasure your affiliation with us. Your expertise in handling situations continues to inspire me. More than once I think how lucky we were the day you were recommended by Jack's dad to Periwinkle. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

Sunna Rasch, Periwinkle National Theatre, Executive Director

Rubin, I'm the first to acknowledge that I'm frequently hard to please. That said, you have done a great job. Even before this result, I told Uncle Gerald the same thing


Rubin thank you and don't let this go to your head I look forward to writing you your legal fee's check.


We spoke earlier this evening regarding my problems with mail delivery and the U.S. Post Office. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to call me back and address my issues, not to mention steer me in the right direction.

It's been two full months since I've received any important mail to my residence/business address in New York City. The mail delivery problems have seriously hurt my business and personal affairs and so far I've felt stonewalled in finding help. Your simple phone call today was a breath of fresh air!


Thank you no end for your kindness and competence. We both feel comfortable with the document.

Sheila Cowen

Again, I want to thank you so much for your advice. It was the best $700 spent so far during the last couple of years...Thanks again. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and associates if they need any help with their businesses.

Eddie A

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