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New York real estate law is exceedingly complex, with a vast amount of court decisions, rules and regulations defining the parameters within which business owners and individual property buyers must operate. For this reason, leasing, purchase and sale transactions hold many legal traps and pitfalls for the unwary. Similarly, property management procedures and practices often pose many legal challenges.

Following you will find links to point-by-point practical guidance on a number of important considerations that arise for company owners, individual investors and home buyers.

Commercial Leasing: A commercial lease that has been properly negotiated and drafted is often a main cornerstone in the success of a small business. Learn more about the critical points involved in structuring a beneficial working relationship with your landlord, and documenting it in a commercial lease you sign.

Purchase & Sale of Business & Investment Property: Successful entrepreneurs and business owners often benefit from buying the location in which their enterprises operate, as opposed to leasing. Similarly, wise investment in real estate offers numerous advantages. Many attractively priced deals are available to experienced investors in difficult economic times. Find out more about the purchase and sale of business and other investment properties.

Residential Purchase & Sale: Buying or selling a co-operative or condominium apartment, or a single or multiple-family home in New York has many important legal facets, even in the best economic environment. Read more about making an intelligent, safe residential real estate purchase or sale.

Co-op Building & Condo Association Board of Directors Representation: New York City cooperative and condominium apartment buildings have numerous legal issues that need to be addressed on an ongoing basis. You rely on your attorney to protect the Board from lawsuits, provide advice to Board members and the managing agent, assist in formulating polices, and to attend meetings as necessary. Learn about cost-effective use of legal representation for your condo or co-op Board of Directors.

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