Selling Your Business Safely

Selling a Business in New York City

Assisting company owners in the sale of their businesses is one of the major practice areas at the Law Office of Rubin Ferziger. As a New York commercial transaction lawyer, Rubin Ferziger knows about selling a business safely. He has several decades of successful experience in addressing the multitude of legal issues that arise in selling an enterprise safely.

Sellers are concerned with achieving the following objectives:

  • Getting the Best Price Possible
  • Acceptable Terms and Conditions
  • Being Paid in a Timely Manner
  • Avoiding Future Liability From the Sale
  • Tax Benefits

The Ferziger law firm helps clients accomplish these goals with a comprehensive, methodical approach to selling a business, encompassing these areas:

  • Legal Analysis Related to Buyer Financial Capacity and Ability to Pay
  • Presenting Financial Statements and Other Records to the Purchaser
  • Representations to the Buyer
  • Partnership Interests
  • Structuring and Negotiating Favorable Terms and Conditions
  • Seller Financing
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Leasing and Landlord Negotiations
  • Sale of Real Estate
  • Employee Concerns
  • Salary Matters
  • Analysis and Assignability of Major Contracts
  • Transferability of Licenses and Permits
  • Potential Sale of Non-Income-Producing Assets
  • Intellectual Property
  • Advisability of Guarantees
  • Non-Competition and Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Seller Remaining With Buyer as Advisor for a Limited Period
  • Structuring Payment of Current Liabilities
  • Buyer Assumption of Liabilities
  • Addressing Collection of Accounts Receivable
  • Pending or Potential Litigation
  • Pension Questions
  • Transfer of Shares and/or Assets
  • Franchising Issues
  • Sale of Business by Estate of Deceased Owner
  • Transition Period Considerations
  • Closings

Planning to Buy Another Business?

Frequently, a seller will buy another company or enterprise within a year or two after the sale. Attorney Rubin Ferziger can assist you with that purchase. See the Buying a Business Advantageously section for more details.

If you need reliable legal representation in selling your business, please contact attorney Rubin Ferziger today at 212-490-8585.