Real Estate Evaluation Services

New York Real Estate Evaluation Services

The Law Office of Rubin Ferziger provides comprehensive Real Estate Evaluation Services for New York City, and surrounding areas. When buying a business or selling a business, real estate evaluation is a major component of the business evaluation. The service provided by Rubin Ferziger, begins with an in-depth analysis and appraisal of any property, and ends with a flawless real estate transaction. In between, are a myriad of activities and issues with which an experienced real estate lawyer must address. Rubin Ferziger works along with a team of experts, including real estate appraisers to accurately evaluate each transaction.

  • Does the deal make sense?
  • Is the property's income producing promise in sync with what a new owner might expect?
  • Are there any structural problems?
  • Have all structural issues been examined?
  • What vendors should be used for restoration?
  • Have the environmental impacts been analyzed?
  • Is there a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) in place for the intended use, or can it be obtained?
  • Will the site work for transportation? (Access to shipping port, distribution centers, big-rigs, employees)
  • Are the warehouse facilities sufficient?

In the examination and evaluation of real estate property, the smallest detail cannot be overlooked.

Avoiding a problem is better than solving it. A good real estate attorney anticipates both legal and business problems that can impact a company. In one instance a business owner was set to purchase a 50,000 square foot warehouse, until Rubin pointed out that 18 wheel tractor-trailers could not access the property without significant difficulty. Instead, the business owner purchased the property and then leased it to a 3rd party who did not have 18-wheeler tractor-trailer deliveries. With one solid piece of advice, Rubin helped his client make money and avoid a serious problem at the same time. Retaining a lawyer with broad, practical business and real estate law experience helps your company avoid problems down the road, both legal and otherwise.

Many real estate transactions for businesses are extremely complex transactions and involve a team of people. The Law Office of Rubin Ferziger has an established network of experts in other professions and will assemble the appropriate team to successfully conclude the transaction. Rubin Ferziger regularly consults with construction people, engineering experts, other business consultants, trademark experts, forensic accountants and others.

The more people involved, the more complex a deal becomes. The more complex the deal, the more likely a delay in closing. Delays can mean significant financial penalties. Rubin represented the purchaser of a $12,000,000.00 condominium in the AOL Time Warner building in NYC. The transaction involved a limited liability company, a foreign trust, a management business, and several individuals located throughout the United States. The nature of the contractual arrangements were such that any delay would impose substantial dollar penalties. The problem was that none of the parties could attend the closing, which would in fact cause a delay. Rubin was able to amend various documents pertaining to the legal entities involved, and single handedly close the deal for his client without any penalties whatsoever.

In all matters related to real estate appraisals, real estate property evaluations, and real estate sales or purchases, Rubin Ferziger provides a full range of Real Estate Evaluation Services for entrepreneurs and businesses. If you are considering buying commercial real estate property, or selling commercial real estate property, please call or contact the Law Office of Rubin Ferziger, for broad-based business knowledge and results-based legal advice.

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