Probate Administration

New York City Probate Administration Attorney

Probate involves the settlement of a person's estate after they've passed away. Assets and debts against an estate must be determined in order to pay off bank loans and credit card balances while remaining assets are divided among heirs. At the Law Office of Rubin Ferziger, we work closely with clients in order to reduce the complications and headache associated with probate. Consulting accountants and tax experts when necessary, we prepare all necessary financial information and records for submission to the court. As an estate planning lawyer, Mr. Ferziger also ensures the decedent's will or trust administration is set in order. If a will is contested or if there is reason to suspect undue influence in its final rendition, Mr. Ferziger gathers all necessary evidence to prepare his client's case before the court.

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What Happens if There Isn't a Will?

When the deceased doesn't have a will, the court will usually assign trusteeship to a family member where compelling reasons support doing so. While creditors, other family members and even friends can request trusteeship, unless there are financial or legal reasons supporting their motion, the court will grant trusteeship to a sibling, parent or spouse. Our office protects your claim to trusteeship, challenging creditors who attempt to assert complete financial rights over your family member's estate.

Contested Wills

In recent years, more wills have been contested during probate. In certain cases, evidence exists regarding the undue influence of caretakers, unscrupulous family members or acquaintances on the deceased in the last few months of their life. Where there are good reasons to suspect undue influence, our office gathers evidence, interviews eyewitnesses and consults medical professionals and handwriting experts to challenge the final expression of the decedent's will.

Alternately, we're also prepared to defend a will when disaffected family members attempt to assert control over the decedent's assets.

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