Intellectual Property

New York Intellectual Property Lawyer

Broadly speaking, intellectual property encompasses the concept of proprietary ideas, inventions, writings, processes, formulas, and other creative works that are protected under the law. As simple as that sounds, intellectual property law is one of the most complex, sophisticated and highly regulated legal disciplines.

As a New York intellectual property attorney, Rubin Ferziger represents companies and individuals in these matters:

  • Trademark Research & Registration
  • Service Marks
  • Trade Dress Issues
  • Licensing
  • Trade Secrets
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Non-Compete Contracts
  • Infringement Suits
  • Distribution Arrangements
  • Interstate Commerce Considerations
  • International Trademark Protection
  • Counterfeit Goods & Seizures
  • Litigation

A valid trademark should be distinctive as a human fingerprint, and is a valuable commercial asset on which a value can be placed. It is also an asset as it can be stolen. Businesses and individuals who create trademarks and other intellectual property need to protect them from theft. Rubin Ferziger has achieved success for many intellectual property owners who've been embroiled in infringement disputes.

Heres an actual case example in which the Ferziger law firm prevailed for a client

A trademark holder witnessed counterfeit hip-hop clothing being sold on the streets of New York City.

After consultation and investigation, Rubin prepared the necessary documents to obtain a knock down the door civil seizure order, wherein forcible entry and confiscation of the goods was made with a team of private investigators, and government law enforcement professionals.

The counterfeiter signed a cease and desist order and paid damages to Rubin's client.

Aggressive legal action is sometimes necessary to secure your rights. With intellectual property, what you don't protect you can lose.

Learn more about the Ferziger firms work in protecting clients from counterfeit goods. You can also learn more about trademark protection.

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