Estate Planning & Probate

New York City Estate Planning & Probate Attorney

Attorney Rubin Ferziger handles estate planning and probate administration services for business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals and affluent individuals. He has a 35-year track record of providing these services for satisfied clients.

The Ferziger law firm assists its clientele with these estates law matters:

  • Estate Planning
  • Will Drafting
  • Asset Transfers
  • Trusts
  • Gift Tax Planning
  • Key Man/Woman Insurance
  • Probate & Estate Administration
  • Shareholder Issues

Executive Estate Planning

In setting up any business enterprise, its beneficial to consider estate planning for owners and key executives. For example, if a partner dies, how does the company prevent intrusion of the deceased party's family into day-to-day operations? What is the best way to facilitate a smooth succession when a major shareholder retires? The Law Office of Rubin Ferziger handles these and many other issues as part of its estate planning and probate administration services for businesses and professional firms.

Wills & Trusts

A Will is a declaration of how one wants his or her money and assets to be distributed after death. There are complex considerations regarding the language used in any Will. Tax consequences are as important as inheritance issues. Drafting a properly constructed Will requires a lawyer who is experienced in estate matters; otherwise the potential for a future dispute among heirs is increased. Similarly, issues concerning Trusts such as Living Trusts need to be handled by knowledgeable counsel.

The many clients for whom New York estate planning lawyer Rubin Ferziger has prepared a Will or a Trust are confident their wishes will be honored when their estates are distributed to heirs, and appreciate the firms thorough and diligent approach to estate planning.


In certain instances, individuals no longer have the mental capacity to manage their financial affairs, or even basic life activities. Often, this is a function of age, illness or disability.

Rubin has acted in the capacity of a guardian over the course of his 35 years in practice. The courts have a rigorous selection system for choosing legal practitioners who have demonstrated the knowledge, stability and character to effectively administer this responsibility.

In certain instances, families choose to initiate the legal proceedings necessary to have a guardian appointed for an at-risk, vulnerable member. The Ferziger firm also assists its clientele in accomplishing this objective when necessary.

Learn more about guardianships.

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