Contract Formation

New York City Contract Formation Attorney

A contract forms the basis for a legal relationship between parties. As a result, contracts should define what each party is required to do, what rights each party has, how disputes are to be resolved, who is indemnified and the financial terms involved. At the Law Office of Rubin Ferziger, we work closely with business, construction, real estate and government clients in drafting contract formations. We identify terms and conditions that could expose you to unwanted liability or force you to relinquish important rights should a dispute arise. Our office also takes the initiative in evaluating financial terms that banks or other financial institutions offer as part of a real estate, business purchase or construction contract.

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Developing Contracts for Businesses, Employers and Contractors

The Law Office of Rubin Ferziger develops and evaluates contracts involving the following:

Mediation Versus Litigation

Most contracts include a clause requiring the parties to enter into mediation should a dispute arise. In some cases, a mediation clause may make the most sense, especially when a breach will not have the effect of causing immediate or long-term financial harm. However, in other instances, a mediation clause may undermine your ability to fully recover financial losses should a breach occur. As your lawyer, Rubin Ferziger discusses the advantages and disadvantages associated with mediation clauses and explains why opting for litigation in a dispute may be in your best interests.

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