Contract Drafting

New York Contract Attorney

Contract issues are at the root of many business disputes. That is why it's essential to have a skillful contract attorney draft proper agreements for you at the start of every business relationship, and for each significant transaction. Doing so helps to avoid problems later that might otherwise surface. Contract drafting is a primary focus at the Ferziger law firm for its commercial clientele

New York contract lawyer Rubin Ferziger employs a four-phase process for superior contract creation:

  • Initial Consultation: In this first stage, client objectives are discussed. Advantages of different approaches are explored, as well as potential liabilities. Contracts you bring with you, or have sent in advance of the meeting, will be reviewed.
  • First Draft: The initial draft of the document will be prepared. You will have an opportunity to review and comment on it. Often, new language is drafted for existing agreements.
  • Modifications: Any necessary changes will then be made to accurately reflect rights, responsibilities and other facts.
  • Negotiation & Closure: Once the document is presented to the other party or parties involved in the transaction, more frequently than not there are negotiations and further changes. Rubin assists with contract negotiations, and makes any final adjustments to wording in order to help successfully close your deal.

Throughout the entire process, clients receive the legal guidance and support necessary for optimal protection of their rights and interests.

These are areas in which the Ferziger law firm frequently prepares agreements for business and real estate clients. Of course, there are many other types of transactions for which Rubin drafts documentation:

  • Partnerships
  • Vendor Services
  • Purchase & Sale
  • Non-Disclosure & Trade Secrets
  • Non-Competition
  • Shareholder Rights & Obligations
  • Employment
  • Licensing
  • Commercial & Residential Leases
  • Corporation, Partnership & LLC Operational Documentation
  • Settlements
  • Arbitration

Here's an actual case in which Rubin Ferziger's skills as a contract drafting attorney came to a client's rescue:

The client was purchasing a $12 million condominium in the AOL Time Warner building in NYC. The transaction involved a limited liability company, a foreign trust, a management business, and several individuals located throughout the country.

The contracts specified that any delay would impose substantial dollar penalties. The difficulty was that none of the parties could attend the closing, which would in fact cause a delay.

Rubin amended various documents pertaining to the legal entities involved, and closed the deal for his client without any penalties whatsoever.

If you need professional legal assistance with a contract matter, please contact attorney Rubin Ferziger, Esq., today at 212-490-8585.