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New York City Business & Commercial Law Attorney

As a seasoned New York business lawyer who has successfully assisted company owners, professionals and entrepreneurs through many phases of the economic cycle in his 35 years of practice, Rubin Ferziger has developed a time-tested, working philosophy for handling legal issues to a clients best advantage.

The Ferziger approach encompasses four critical elements: strategy, cost control, creativity and results.

  • Strategy: Often, a single legal transaction or litigated matter has broader implications for a business, career or an individuals personal life. It takes experienced eyes to see the legal tentacles that extend into these areas and into the future.
    Helping a client to reach a good strategic decision is a function of knowledge and practical wisdom derived from handling thousands of client matters over a period of several decades.
  • Cost Control: Every business owner, professional and individual client is well aware of how expensive legal issues can turn out to be. Cost and cash flow are vital concerns for everyone, especially during more challenging phases of the economy. Rubin's emphasis is on avoiding costly litigation if possible, and steering clear of unnecessary legal expenses. Clients have long appreciated his awareness of the bottom line.
    Negotiation is almost always preferable to ugly court battles. However, in situations where it is not possible to achieve an amicable solution, the Ferziger firm is ready to institute litigation on behalf of clients.
  • Creativity: Rarely is there an entirely set, black-and-white answer to a business or an individual legal problem. Flexibility and the capacity to think around the corner of a legal question often yield a superior and far more practical solution. Rubin has repeatedly demonstrated this unique ability time and time again for clients.
  • Results: Clients want the best possible result, within an appropriate timeframe, at an affordable cost. The Ferziger firm has an established track record of delivering outstanding results. See success stories here, and client comments in this section.

Heres an example of the Ferziger approach in action, from an actual client success story...

Trademark lawsuits can turn into nasty legal battles. Corporate giants have the financial muscle to hire major law firms, and initiate long, costly legal warfare. When you're fighting a larger, stronger opponent and the stakes are high, you need an experienced business attorney to formulate a winning game plan you can afford.

In this case, Rubin represented a family business that sold clothing to urban youth here in the United States. Suddenly Paco Rabanne, a foreign-based perfumer, decided to enter the U.S. market and sell clothes in addition to fragrances. They retained a major law firm, and threatened litigation based on claims that certain brand names the client was using constituted trademark infringement. The client was now facing the loss of their hard-won success.

Rubin responded swiftly with a devastatingly effective and creative legal strategy: he filed suit with the U.S. District Court in California to permit the family business to continue selling clothes with their brand's name. By doing so, his client was protected by their insurance for these kinds of lawsuits, thereby easing the financial strain of litigation. The end result: Rubin's client ultimately won, leaving the family free to grow their thriving business and move forward with their plans.

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