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New York Real Estate Attorney

It was a day that would change the clients life forever.

"Millions of dollars are at stake, along with my livelihood and everything Ive worked for." Rubin listened intently as the man told his story.

Sitting in his office was the managing partner of a family-owned real estate company in New York City. In the 1960's and 70's his father had successfully purchased a number of real estate parcels with partners. Not unlike many parents, he asked his sons to come into his successful real estate business.

Two of the three sons accepted; however, as time passed, one left to pursue another career. When the father died, the remaining son who had learned the business from the "ground up" became a driving force in maintaining its success, and continued managing all the properties. Now, he explained, it was all at risk. Two prior law firms had failed to adequately protect his interests.

His brothers decided they wanted a piece of this now quite successful real estate partnership. An extremely unpleasant battle was already brewing, escalating in intensity with each passing day. Fighting with his brothers in court, an attempt was being made to wrest control of a multi-million dollar portfolio of assets away from him.

Its frequently in these complex, sometimes dire situations, that New York business law attorney Rubin Ferziger is called in. Often, a lot of money is on the line, and even sophisticated, successful individuals are frightened and don't quite know what to do.

But Rubin does.

In this case, he devised a comprehensive defense involving business, real estate, and estate planning legal aspects. The strategy successfully protected the client in several lawsuits, saving him from losing the entire business and all his properties. Luckily for him, he got the right referral, and the day he retained Rubin made all the difference in the world.

For many grateful clients, the Ferziger firm has been able to transform seemingly bleak legal circumstances into beneficial outcomes and positive results all while keeping an eye on costs, so that legal expenses don't get out of hand. Its a careful balance Rubin Ferziger has insisted on maintaining throughout his 35 years in practice.

As Rubin likes to say, "Business clients face many challenges, even during the strongest phases of the economic cycle. A good lawyer concentrates on delivering cost-effective results, so the client can go back to running his or her company and focus on making money."

While Rubin Ferziger has distinguished himself with success in litigated matters, the cornerstone of his philosophy is that prevention is better than cure. According to Rubin, "Preventing a legal problem in the first place is far superior to solving it afterward." This, of course, is one of the main reasons why the Ferziger firm has been effective in helping clients to address legal issues without unnecessary litigation. Needless to say, in difficult economic times, small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals are especially appreciative of being represented by a lawyer with this approach. These are people who survive by cash flow...individuals whose needs Rubin understands well.

The media has taken notice of the Ferziger approach too. When Rubin published "How to Successfully Start or Buy a Business," a report that condenses decades of practical wisdom, BusinessWeek called. Karen Klein was so impressed with it that she interviewed him for a special live segment called "How to Spot and Avoid Legal Mistakes: What to Watch for When Buying a Business." He has also appeared on television a number of times, consulted for his insightful legal commentary on legal issues.

Rubin believes its important for every successful attorney to give back to the community in a charitable capacity. He has graciously served as an officer and board member at the National ALS Foundation and the Haym Salomon Foundation (now merged into the Federation Employment and Guidance Service, also known as FEGS). Presently, he generously gives of his time in similar capacities to the Periwinkle National Theatre for Young Audiences, and the Bnai Zion Foundation.

Rubin graduated from Wagner College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics, and earned his law degree from Brooklyn Law School.

He and his wife Marian love to travel. As an avid cooking aficionado and photographer, when hes not helping clients with their legal affairs, you'll probably find him trying a new recipe, or snapping shots at the scenic locations they visit.